best-bio-pic2D F Capps is the author of Meteor Storm, a sci-fi thriller featuring new technologies and ancient history. Capps illustrates some of the ways technologies we currently have could be used and he mixes these new technologies with his facination with ancient history and alternative Archaeology. For Capps mixing the new and uncharted with the old is an exciting and illuminating undertaking.

Capps attended Wayne State University for two years before joining the U.S. Navy. Later he was honorably discharged from the Submarine Service and went to work as an electrician in the Machine Tool trade in the Detroit area. Capps was initially trained in electronics in the Navy and expanded his training to include Industrial Computer Control and Computer Programming. Due to the fluctuating automotive job market in the Detroit area, he developed his design skills in both mechanical design and electrical design. Capps has six U.S. Patents and won a national design competition in 1985,

About Author D F Capps

As a former electrical and mechanical engineer, Capps draws upon his experience to create much of the technology in his novels. He has a keen interest in emerging energy sciences and in his quest for knowledge on this new technology, Capps developed the control system for an over-unity electrical generator and witnessed first-hand the capabilities of such developing technologies, “The day I made the measurements on a machine that was producing eight times the electrical energy that it was consuming was a life-altering experience. I saw for myself what could actually be done, even though it was against all of my electrical training. Since then I have questioned everything that is considered conventional knowledge and found it terribly lacking. We actually live in a world that functions at a very different level from what we perceive.”

Capps uses this new understanding of the greater possibilities for science and technology in his sci-fi thrillers. Some of the writers who inspired Capps are Michael Baigent, Dr. Eben Alexander (Proof of Heaven & A Map of Heaven ), and David Baldacci. Capps has attended dozens of webinars through Writer's Digest to work on perfecting his writing craft. Capps’ goal as a writer is to fashion an entertaining story and then to weave generally unknown facts into that story leaving the reader wondering just what is real and what isn’t. If he can entertain a reader and make that reader question the reality around them, then he considers his effort a success.