Why do we like fiction? 

wave-iconOne of the answers to that question is that we want an escape from the ordinary reality of our existence. For even a small portion of our time we want to live a fantasy, an adventure, a quest or a torrid romance.

We want to experience death defying situations, life-altering experiences of courage and bravery. But we want to do it from the comfort and safety of our own couch or favorite chair.

Deep down we want life to be safe and secure, but we instinctively know it isn't. That's one of the reasons fiction beckons us; to feel the thrill without the consequences of it really happening.

But what if the ordinary reality we think is all around us isn't what we think it is? What if its not that ordinary at all? What if we have simply trained ourselves to not see what is there out of our need to be safe?

I believe good science fiction needs to be more than a fantasy, or an escape. I believe good science fiction needs to help us open the inner doors of awareness and perception so we can begin to see the part of reality that has already expanded well beyond what we have been taught about the world in which we live.

meteor-icpnScience, what should be the bedrock of good science fiction, has secretly progressed far beyond the simple levels that we have been taught. Much of what we consider to be science fiction has secretly become science fact. We, the general public, just don't know it yet.

I have spent much of the last twenty years researching and probing the edges of what is real and what is fantasy, and I think you may be shocked at what I’ve found.

Come with me on a journey, novel by novel, and see if you discover what I have seen in our “ordinary reality”. The world around us isn’t really the way we think it is. It is so much more!